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Product introduction:
ZZYVP pilot operational self-Micro pressure regulating valve (nitrogen valve closure manufacturers) referred nitrogen valve closure, it is a process filled with inert gas to the storage vessel and the reactor head space, commonly used to protect the internal components occurs due to the presence of oxygen explosion, degradation or polymerization, and to prevent corrosion of the equipment. Blanketing systems are usually designed to operate at higher than atmospheric pressure conditions, which prevents outside air from entering the container were. Since many technology and the application does not want the presence of air oxygen and moisture, so from (petroleum), chemical and food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and pure water manufacturing, many industries use nitrogen closure process.

 ZZYVP pilot operational self-Micro pressure regulating valve (nitrogen valve closure manufacturers) works:
        ZZYVP pilot operational self-Micro pressure regulating valve (nitrogen valve closure manufacturers) by the nitrogen supply device (see Figure 1) and nitrogen vent device (see Figure II) composed of two parts. Nitrogen device consists of the pilot and main valve of two parts; open type vent nitrogen pressure within the feedback device consists of micro-pressure regulating valve. Nitrogen pressure generally set 100mmH2O, precisely controlled by nitrogen sealing device.
When a tank inlet valve is open, add material to the tank, the liquid level rises, the volume of the gas phase portion decreases, pressure increases, when tank pressure rises above the pressure setting means to vent nitrogen, nitrogen vent device is opened, release nitrogen to the outside world, so that the tank pressure drop, down to vent the nitrogen apparatus pressure set point, the vent nitrogen unit automatically shut down.
When a tank of liquid valve is open, the user puts the material, the level drops, the gas phase portion volume increases, the tank pressure decreases for nitrogen device is turned on, to inject nitrogen gas tank, so that the tank pressure rises when the tank pressure rises to supply nitrogen unit automatically shut down.

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