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Product introduction:
Full welded turbine ball valve with carbon steel seamless steel pipe pressing molding, integral welding ball valve. Fully welded turbine ball valve is made of cast steel, which has excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance. Welding turbine ball valve connection mode: welding, screw, flange, etc. for the user to choose. Full welding turbine ball valve transmission mode: using the handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric and other transmission structure, switch flexible and portable.
Fully welded turbine ball valve:
1 body: carbon steel ST37.0, A106-B; 20 steel
2 spheres: stainless steel 304 or 316
3 stem: 2Cr13
4 stem seal: all fluorine like glue
5 ball seal: RTFE (PTFE+C)
Standard features of fully welded turbine ball valves:
1 path: ~1000 DN15
2 pressure: PN 16 ~ 40
3 working temperature: -29 ~ +200
4 gas pipeline welding ball valves to adapt to medium: Oil / gas, liquefied natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemical, iron and steel plant, heating pipes, etc.
5 gas pipeline welding ball valve operation: turbine
Fully welded turbine ball valve applications:
1 city gas: gas output pipeline, main line and the branch line supply pipeline, etc..
2 central heating: large heating equipment output pipeline, main line, branch line.
3 heat exchangers: pipeline and all circuit open and close.
4 iron and steel plant: a variety of fluid pipelines, gas pipeline, gas and heat supply pipeline, fuel supply pipeline.
5 all kinds of industrial equipment, all kinds of heat treatment pipeline, all kinds of industrial gas and heat pipe.
Fully welded turbine ball valve performance:
1 does not require maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, in low operating costs can be long-term reliable operation. On the outer surface of the valve body by the use of spray processing technology, shiny and beautiful, Tongli environmental protection company production of welded turbine valve in the country has been in a leading level. No external leakage and other phenomena. Body is the use of ring seam welding technology, welding robot, so the weight of the valve is light, and easy to carry out insulation. Valve installation and adjustment mechanism, very simple, operating handle / turbine can be removed, the reverse installation.
2. Because the seat is made of carbon fiber reinforced Teflon sealing ring and disc spring, so the changes of pressure and temperature adaptation ability is very strong, the valve in marking the pressure and the temperature range will not be produced any slide release.
3 sphere of the processing process has advanced computer testing equipment tracking and testing, the whole numerical control operation, so the sphere of high processing precision.
4 full welding turbine ball valve due to the body material with the pipe material, there will be no uneven phenomenon, it will not be due to the earthquake and the vehicle through the ground deformation occurs, the pipeline aging resistance.
Specification and size table for all welded turbine ball valves:
Caliber mm
nominal pressure
D2 European standard
Weight kg
One hundred
One hundred
One hundred and eight
One hundred and fourteen point three
One hundred and seventy-seven point eight
Two hundred and fifty
One hundred and twenty
Two hundred and twenty
Three hundred and twenty-five
Two hundred and six
Two hundred and thirty-seven
Eight hundred and thirty
Seventeen Point Four
One hundred and twenty-five
One hundred and twenty-five
One hundred and thirty-three
One hundred and thirty-nine point seven
Two hundred and nineteen point one
Two hundred and fifty
Four point five
One hundred and twenty-seven
Two hundred and twenty
Three hundred and fifty
Two hundred and twenty-six
Two hundred and fifty-six
One thousand one hundred and fifty
One hundred and fifty
One hundred and fifty
One hundred and fifty-nine
One hundred and sixty-eight point three
Two hundred and seventy-three
Three hundred
One hundred and eighteen
Two hundred and nineteen
Four hundred
Two hundred and thirty-five
Two hundred and seventy-one
One thousand seven hundred and fifty
Two hundred
Two hundred
Two hundred and nineteen
Two hundred and nineteen point one
Three hundred and fifty-five point six
Three hundred and fifteen
One hundred and thirty-five
Two hundred and forty-four
Five hundred and thirty
Two hundred and ninety-four
Three hundred and thirty-eight
Three thousand and two hundred
Two hundred and fifty
Two hundred and fifty
Two hundred and seventy-three
Two hundred and seventy-three
Four hundred and fifty-seven
Four hundred
One hundred and fifty-eight
Three hundred and fifty
Five hundred and fifty
Three hundred and forty-four
One hundred and twenty-three
Four hundred
Four thousand and six hundred
One hundred and forty-two
Instructions for ordering all welded turbine ball valves:
Product name and model
Nominal diameter
Body material
The nominal pressure
The use of media
Connect mode
The use of temperature
The drive mode
To seal form
Whether the attachment so that we can correct for your selection.

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