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Product introduction:
ZZYVP independent micro-pressure regulator is a pressure regulating device without micro foreign energy, ZZYVP independent micro pressure regulating valve mainly used in oil, chemicals, liquid gas tank seal (usually nitrogen), rely on tank Pressure changes in their own gas main valve push switch, change the valve flow to achieve the tank pressure control to ensure the gas pressure value set. At the same time it combines comprehensive functionality testing, feedback, execution, independent alternative to all the functions of the various units of the instrument cluster. ZZYVP independent micro-pressure regulator is widely used in the gas tank seal surge in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry and other industrial sectors as well as micro-pressure control system.
Control of high precision, high than the general type of direct operational ZZY regulator about doubled. Adjust the pressure ratio (as before valve 0.8MPA, the valve 0.001MPA) is particularly suitable for micro-pressure gas control. Large effective area of the pressure sensing diaphragm, set small spring stiffness, quick action means work balance. Pressure set on the pilot implementation, thus convenient, save time and effort can be set continuously operating state.
1, 2 pilot, test actuator 3, took over 4, 5 vacuum filtration along the main valve 6, the main valve 7, the stem 8, the plunger 9, spring 10, the throttle 11, the pilot spool 12 mouth thread 13, the main spring
Nominal diameter DN (mm): 20 ~ 100
Body material: cast iron, steel, stainless steel
Nominal pressure Mpa: 1.0,1.6
Pressure regulation range kpa: 0.5 ~ 7,5 ~ 20,15 ~ 50,30 ~ 150
Flow characteristics: quick opening
Operating temperature ℃: -20 ~ 90
Maximum reduction ratio: 100: 1
Regulation accuracy%: ≤3

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