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Product introduction:
200X vacuum regulator valve (adjustable valve), is to regulate and control a line pressure of intelligent valve medium own energy use. 200x vacuum regulator valve for domestic water supply fire water and other industrial water supply system, by adjusting the pressure pilot valve, you can adjust the outlet pressure of the main valve. Outlet pressure is not due to changes in the inlet pressure, inlet flow varies, safe and reliable outlet pressure is maintained at the set value, the set value can be adjusted as needed to achieve the purpose of Zang pressure. 200x stable vacuum regulator valve performance, safe, reliable, easy installation adjustment, long service life. 200X vacuum regulator valve (adjustable valve) structural features and uses
    200X vacuum regulator valve (adjustable valve) from the main valve, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve, micro filter and pressure gauge hydraulic control over the system. In use, when it is set outlet pressure, can automatically maintain a stable outlet pressure.
    200x pressure regulator valve with a pilot valve self-control, no other devices and energy, maintenance is simple, accurate pressure control, inlet pressure and flow rate by small impact, reliable vacuum regulator.
    200x vacuum regulator valve products are widely used in high-rise buildings, living quarters and other water supply systems and urban water supply project.
200X vacuum regulator valve (adjustable valve) works
     When the valve from the inlet end of the water supply, water flows through the needle into the main valve control chamber, the outlet pressure to the pilot valve through a catheter role. When the outlet pressure is higher than the pilot valve spring setting, the pilot valve closes. Control room to stop the drainage, then the main valve control room pressure rise and close the main valve, the outlet pressure will not rise.
    When the valve outlet pressure drops below the pilot valve spring set pressure, the pilot valve is turned on, the control room to the downstream drainage. Since the pilot valve system into the water displacement of more than a needle valve, the main valve control room pressure drops. Import pressure to open the main valve. At steady state, the control room water, the same drainage, main valve opening constant outlet pressure is stable.
    Regulating pilot valve spring to set the outlet pressure.

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