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Product introduction:
Product Usage:
Y43H with pressure gauge steam pressure reducing valves for steam media pipeline, with a pressure gauge at the valve outlet flange can be more directly show the adjusted valve opening pressure of imports. By adjusting the inlet pressure is reduced to the outlet pressure of a need, when the inlet pressure and flow rate changes, by the energy of the medium itself automatically maintain outlet pressure within a certain range.
With pressure gauge steam valve, Y43H steam valve with pressure gauge
Product performance and advantages:
1, pilot structure, the outlet end of the pressure remains constant.
2, built-in filter to prevent foreign matter-induced failures.
3, the maximum reduction ratio of 20: 1, without secondary decompression, need only one to meet the demand.
4, the valve stem and separated, thereby increasing the stroke and maintain a high sealability.
5, no filler structure, to avoid leaks caused by abrasion or packing too tight and can not operate due to such phenomena.
working principle:
Y43H with pressure gauge steam valve is the use of a control valve opening and closing parts of the body to regulate the flow of the medium, the pressure medium is reduced, while the role of the pressure regulating valve after the opening by means of closing parts of the valve after pressure is kept within a certain range, in the case of changing inlet pressure to maintain the outlet pressure within a set range.
With pressure gauge steam valve, Y43H steam valve with pressure gauge
Product sales service commitment:
Principle to create brand, enhance their visibility and establish a corporate image, our spirit of "all the pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" spirit, "the most preferential prices, the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality" your solemn promise:
First, the product quality and commitment:
1, manufacturing and testing are quality records and inspection data.
2, the product performance testing, the whole process of our products, all performance checks, was confirmed to be qualified before packing shipments.
Second, the product price promise:
1, in order to ensure high reliability and advanced systems were chosen selection of domestic and international high-quality brand-name products.
2, in the same competitive conditions, our company not to reduce product on the basis of technical performance, change the product on the cost of parts, in good faith in the most favorable price to your party.
Third, the delivery commitment:
1. Product delivery: as requested by the user, if you have special requirements, the need ahead of schedule, the company may in particular organization of production, installation, and strive to meet customer needs.

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