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Product introduction:
Product Type: YB43X
Product Name: Fixed-ratio pressure reducing valve
Proportional valves, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, the proportion of accurate, stable work, both reducing the dynamic pressure is also reduced static pressure. The valve with a valve inside the piston area at both ends with different carrier generated pressure differential pressure valve after the change, to achieve the purpose of decompression. Proportion decompression pressure reducing valve is: 2: 1,3: 1,3: 2,4: 1,3: 5: 1,5: 2, etc., can be designed according to the requirements of special proportional valve.
Products with more than Uses:
The valve body interior use different ends of the cross-sectional area of the piston produces the pressure difference, the pressure change valve after the pressure to achieve the purpose, the proportion of accurate, smooth, long life, suitable for high temperature, you can reduce the dynamic pressure, can be reduced static pressure, horizontal and vertical installation can be.
The main features of Y43X-16T / P, Y13X-16T / P proportional valve full copper and stainless steel proportional valve is mainly made up of body structure, import gland, piston, export gland and O-rings, gaskets, etc. parts. Stainless steel or full copper proportional valve is to use a floating piston ends of different cross-sectional area within the valve constitutes a pressure difference to change the status of the inlet and outlet pressure, to achieve the purpose of decompression. All copper or stainless steel proportional valve structured, innovative, running smoothly, lightweight body for easy installation, reduced the proportion of stable, namely minus "dynamic pressure" and minus "HIP" all-copper or stainless steel material, suitable for cleaning water and sea water, not afraid of scaling and rust alone.

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