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Product introduction:
Generic Top entry ball valve made whole, in its upper part with a valve cover, valve seats, balls, seals etc from the upper load. The advantage is the maintenance and replacement of the seat, the ball does not have to be removed from the pipeline, only open the bonnet, the ball can be hanging out, which gives the underground pipeline, particularly in the nuclear industry has brought great convenience with ball. Product Description: eccentric half ball is widely used in recent years in Europe and valve products. It is by turning the worm (or electric) mechanism, driven eccentric rotation of the hemisphere, in order to achieve valve opening and closing. Flow resistance, sealing reliable, stable performance. It is widely used in municipal sewage treatment, water supply and other fluid control systems.
1. Eccentric structure, after the valve opens, the pressure loss is small: When full of water loss is zero, the flow channel completely smooth road, you can save a lot of energy, and that the media is not deposited in the valve body cavity.
2. Reliable sealing manner. Soft seal structure has self-sealing properties, hard seal structure with elastic compensation performance.
3. Abrasion resistant particles having a shearing action between the spherical cap and metal seat V-shaped opening in the closing process, only long life before their eyes on the seat at the last moment the ball crown. Ball in the open, the ball cap biased in the valve body, it is not directly scour the media.
4. Automatic purge function. Hard seal eccentric half ball valve using blade-like cap edge, not only can scrape off the dirt on the seat, it can also cut off the debris.
5. Open and close quickly. An eccentric crank rotated 90 degrees to achieve open and close, open and close a short time
6. Suitable for high flow rates. Straight flow channel, sturdy eccentric crank to make it suitable for high flow rates and free of vibration. Easy maintenance: maintenance without removing the valve from the pipeline, you can simply open the bonnet for maintenance.
7. Applicable medium:. Shimizu raw water (including sediment) sewage water, steam, gas, natural gas, oil and the like.
8. Temperature: soft seal eccentric half ball is -40 ℃ -135 ℃; hard sealed valve is about half seek to 600 ℃ ambient temperature
9. Apply pressure: PN6-PN25. 4. Nominal by: DN50 ~ DN1600

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