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Product introduction:
First, the product uses
      An eccentric eccentric half ball valve eccentric ball and seat, when the valve stem rotates in common trajectory self-centering, the closing process more closed more tightly, fully achieve a good sealing purposes. The valve ball and seat completely out, eliminating the seal wear, to overcome the traditional ball valve seat and the sealing surface of the ball is always the problem of wear and tear, non-metallic elastic material is embedded in the metal seat and seat metal surfaces are well protected. This product is particularly suitable for steel, aluminum, fiber, tiny solid particles, pulp, coal ash, petroleum gas and other media;
Second, product characteristics
     1, the structure of eccentric deeds tight tight principle reached by the gate drive mechanism, regulation, closed purpose, Sealing rings with hard surface is a metal surface contact seals double eccentric structure in possession of the ball when you turn the valve located indoors, large flow area , and the valve is not washed, the valve is not closed erosion along the open spool valve seat spherical progressive and effective removal of obstacles to scaling, to achieve a reliable seal. It is easy to scale two-phase flow of solid precipitated Francis transport particularly effective;
    2, the valve hemisphere double metal, base metal surfacing on different alloys, surfacing with a corresponding valve seat after special treatment, a combination of a sealing surface corrosion, wear resistance, high strength and other types, to meet the needs of different occasions ;
    3, sealed tight, delivery up to zero leakage of harmful gases;
    4. Sealing spool leave compensation, when the valve is worn to do, when you close and then turn a little, any reliable seal, extended service life. In addition, users will tighten the compression nut off, adjust or replace the seat can still be used after, to avoid the failure of the valve seal, the entire scrapped drawbacks;
  Because surfacing different alloys (or a combination of ball) bi-metal seal pair of matching can be used to wear, corrosion, high temperature and demanding sealed condition;
    1, the general-purpose valves: Specification DN40-1600. Suitable for sewage treatment, pulp, urban heating heating stringent requirements of the occasion;
    2. Oil Chemical special valve: Size DN40-1600. It applies to crude oil, heavy oil and other oil products, chemical industry weak corrosion, the second mixed stream media;
    3, special gas valve: Size DN40-1600. Applies to gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas transportation control
    4, slurry dedicated valve: Size DN40-1600. Suitable for liquid, solid or liquid two-phase flow in chemical transport reactions or crystallization fouling industrial piping;
    5, coal ash for valves: Specification DN40-1600. For power plants, hydraulic slag or gas pipeline transport control;
Third, the implementation of standards
     Design: GB12237-89
     Flange connection: GB / T17241.6-1998, GB / T9115 (steel)
     Length of the structure: GB12221-89

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