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Product introduction:
Half ball can be used for wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature sealing and demanding conditions.

T961H / Y-type valve is mainly used for temperature and pressure reduction means for adjusting water temperature reduction, but also widely used in a variety of boiler feed water pipes, regulate the flow by.

T961H, YH water valve is one of the boiler feedwater automatic control system of the main equipment, widely used in regulating power plants, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other water supply system traffic. Its structure is characterized by the use of multi-piece perforated disc enveloped superposition plate assembly and the upper portion of the components constituting the throttle. By changing the valve lift plate assembly or shrouded to achieve through-flow cross-section and adjust water flow, and ensure that the needs of the production process. As a result of the orifice plate assembly when adjusting, changing the traditional one buck buck as many times. Large flow area enveloped by the upper cross section changing regulate water flow, so drop guillotine. Therefore, the anti-cavitation valve, low noise. Extend the service life of the control valve. As the valve using a pressure-balanced structure, reducing the forces and other relevant parts of the valve plug and stem, reducing the valve seal than the pressure, thereby extending the life of the sealing surface to reduce driving torque actuators, energy savings. As the valve the assembled structure, easy accessibility, reducing the maintenance workload. The valve for regulating all types of liquid flow.

T961H / Y feedwater regulating valve for regulating media flow, pressure and level. According to the signal conditioning parts, automatic control valve opening degree, so as to achieve the medium flow, pressure and level of regulation. Valve sub-electric control valve, pneumatic control valve and hydraulic control valve. Regulating valve by electric actuators or pneumatic actuator and control valve of two parts. Cv is the flow capacity to select one of the main parameters of the control valve, the control valve flow capacity is defined as follows: When the control valve fully open, the pressure differential across the valve is 0.1MPa, fluid density of 1g / cm3, the hour flowing valve regulates the flow number, called flow capacity, also known as flow coefficient to Cv, said unit t / h.

Regulate the flow characteristics of the valve, is maintaining a constant differential pressure across the valve, the medium flows through the valve between the relative flow and its opening. Control valve flow characteristics are linear features, such as the percentage of three properties and parabolic characteristic.

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